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Manage your customers' and your company's carbon emissions.

Acting on climate change is becoming the norm. Employees, vendors, and customers expect companies to be part of the solution.

Get free access to the leading carbon management platform, enabling your business to seamlessly address, reduce and manage its carbon emissions. Engage with your positive impact and learn about the selected climate solutions you are supporting—within minutes.

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Closing the gap between climate intention and climate action, for companies of all sizes. No reccurring fees. No strings attached.


Employees and business operations

Reduce and compensate for your company's carbon emissions across key business operations, and nurture a climate conscious work culture by offering employees to address their personal carbon footprint.

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Corporate travel and company car fleet

Some business trips are unavoidable. With CHOOOSE you can seamlessly measure, reduce, and manage your travel related carbon emissions, spanning from air travel, to your company car fleet.

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Trusted and reputable climate solutions

Get one-click access to a full range of climate solutions, including verified offsets and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Our top-quality climate solutions meet the highest industry standards and certifications.

“CHOOOSE presents next-level innovation in carbon compensation with ease to meaningfully communicate and amplify your corporate carbon commitment.”

Aurelia Figueroa

Global Head of Sustainability

You're in good hands. Connect your business with trusted, high-impact climate solutions.

Select a climate portfolio based on how it align with your company’s purpose and mission.

Renewable energy

The transition from fossil-based energy production to renewable needs acceleration, and you can support projects that verifiably reduce and offset emissions through clean energy alternatives.

Nature-based solutions

Nature has a time-tested ability to absorb and store carbon within the natural carbon cycle. Nature-based solutions include projects focused on reforestation and afforestation.

Community projects

Help to address carbon emissions while supporting local communities through solutions like improved cooking technology, improved access to water, and economic development.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)*

SAF is a clean substitute for fossil fuel produced from sustainable resources. Compared to fossil fuel, SAF can reduce your company's travel related carbon emissions by 80% and more.
*Available upon request.

“The type of projects that  is socialising and promoting represents the best standards of international emission reductions available today.”

Niclas Svenningsen

Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

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This solution is delivered by CHOOOSE™
WeCHOOOSE for business is developed by climate-tech company CHOOOSE™, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway. As a leader in technology-based climate action, our mission is to close the multi-gigaton gap between climate intention and climate action by developing software solutions to make climate action available for everyone.

Looking for integrated climate solutions?
CHOOOSE provides tools for integrating climate action into any customer experience – through automated emissions calculations, dynamic sustainability scores, a vetted marketplace of carbon removals and offsets, and climate program reporting.

CHOOOSE is the trusted carbon partner of some of the world’s largest companies, including Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Southwest, Santander, Finnair, Lonely Planet, and LATAM, among others. For more info, reach out to us at, or visit

Climate action for everyone.


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